D-Classics on de Noordelijke Motorbeurs [17-01-2015]

Bikes wanted [07-04-2014]

Triumph after half century back on old adress [18-12-2013]

A while ago D-Classics bought a 1950 Triumph 3T in a strange blue colour. According to the last owner this colour should be the original.
At home to our suprise we saw a familiar name on the old logbook: Loman in Assen. Frans Loman, with whome we rode classics races for some years, happened to be a son of him. His father bought the 3T in 1955 from the Amsterdam police, so the strange colour was explained. Frans was very happy to hear that his fathers first motorcycle still existed and decided to buy the Triumph.
For me it was really special to deliver the bike to its old adress after more than a half century. and i am really happy that i have been able to contribute to this reuniun.
On the picture, the son and grandson of the 2nd owner: Frans and Jeffrey Loman Assen

Bikes wanted [28-06-2013]

D-Classics is allways looking for nice classics and vintage motorcycles, For clients we are looking specially for:
-Triumph twins
-BSA Twins
-BSA B40
-BSA M20 tot '45
-Alle models Ariel
But offcourse other classics are welcome too. D-Classics guarantees a correct settlement

Busy [28-06-2013]

Due to beiing very busy, i don't allways have enough time to keep this site up-to-date. For an impression of the motorcycles D-Classics offers, please take a look at the 'column "sold". If you are searching a particular bike or have something to offer, please contact me by mail or telephone.

Enlish Day Kampen [04-05-2013]

On the 4th of may, D-Classics was at the English day in Kampen. We took a Rudge and an Eijsink. Thanks to the Zwervers for their hospitality and well organised day!

Christmas card [25-12-2012]

Soon here: Triumph Ariel BSA Condor [27-08-2012]

Came in new and will be on the site and in the shop soon;

Triumph T140 Bonneville 1979
BSA A65 1964
Ariel KH 500 1956
Ariel NH 350 1955
Condor A350 1976
AJS Model 16MS 1953

Morgan Threewheeler visits D-Classics [03-07-2012]

Today the industrial erea in Bedum was woken up by a far thundering sound, when the smoke- and dust clouds where gone, the Motomania (see ) Morgan Threewheeler happened to be visisting D-Classics. We where pleasantly surprised by this spectacular vist.....

Open day [03-07-2012]

At the open day of the industrial area "Boterdiep"in Bedum D-Classics will be open too. You find the D-Classics showroom at Verbindingsweg 40 in Bedum. The day will take place next saturday 7 th July from 10.00 till 16.00h. Coffee and cake will be ready...

Soon here [28-06-2012]

Came in but not yet on the site;

Triumph TR25W Trophy restored Dutch registration
Triumph 3TA restored and civilised, Dutch registration

New servicevan D-Classics [20-06-2012]

On the picture you see the new servicevan from D-Classics.

Soon here [20-06-2012]

Soon here;

-Triumph 3TA '67 "Civilised", very nice condition
-Triumph 3TA '67 Army, original and unrestored
-Triumph TR25W Trophy '70 totaly restored
-Triumph T120R Bonneville '70 totaly restored

Soon in [15-06-2012]

Soon in;

Heinkel Tourist 103A-2 1964
Sarolea Estafette 1953
Triumph 3TA 1967 in Army-trim

Lack of time [15-06-2012]

Due to lack of time not all motorcycles are always shown on the site. So if you are looking for something special, please let us know.

Soon BSA and DKW's [14-05-2012]

Came in and will be on the site soon,

BSA M20 1938 civil Dutch registration
DKW RT 98cc 1938 Dutch registration
DKW RT 125cc 1954 Dutch registration

MG's en Triumph's at the Kruiberg oil [14-05-2012]

Last sunday, a combined MG-Triumph rally took place at "The Kruiberg Olie"in Bedum. Owner of de Kruiberg Mark Kruize also invited D-Classics to showw some classics we have for sale. It was really interesting to see a car rally once, also we could tell some interested people a little more about our classic motorcycles. Thanks again to Mark for his hospitality, the interesting story he told about oils and the very well oranised morning.

Motorcyclestransport from now [11-05-2012]

Because D-Classics is equipped for the transport of motorcycles and because we are often on the road in Holland and county´s around Holland, we can offer you to transport your motorcycles. So did you buy or sell a motorcycle and you don´t have the time or possibilty to transport it, please contact us. Except fot the transport, we can also arrange all paperwork or even the payment for you.

Soon in [11-05-2012]

Soon here;

-Triumph Bonneville T120R 1968
-Triumph 6T Thunderbird 1951
-Triumph 5T Speedtwin pre-unit 1958
-Triumph T140 Bonneville 1977
-BSA A65 Lightning 1969
-Matchless G3L 1949

Bikes wanted [07-01-2012]

As you can see on the website we sold a lot of motorcycles again, that's why we are looking for classics for sale. If you have something for sale please contact us. At the moment we are looking for several customers for;

-Matchless of AJS 1 Cylinder 350 of 500cc
-Triumph TR6 or Bonneville 1962-1970
-Triumph 5T, 6T or T100 pre-unit
-Norton ES2
-Heinkel scooter for restauration
-Jawa perak/ogar type 12, 250 of 350cc
-Prewar 350 or 500cc OHV

Soon here; Heinkel and Triumph 3TA [07-01-2012]

Just arrived, not jet on the site,

-Heinkel 103 A-2 1961 in very nice condition and with many accessoiries.
-Triumph 3TA 1967 ex Dutch army, totaly restored as a civil version.

New stock [29-11-2011]

Came in, but not jet on the site;

-Triumph 3TA leger '67
-Triumph T150 Trident '73
-Matchless G3LS '57
-Matchless G3L '49
-Jawa 250cc Perak '53
-BSA M20 Burger '54
-"TIMM" Jeugd grasbaan/speedway zijspan

Offers [22-11-2011]

Because of the lack of time not all bikes are allways shown on the site. If you are looking for a certain mark or type of motorcycle, please let us know so we can let you know if we expect something.

Bikes wanted [22-11-2011]

Because of the good sales we are looking for classic bikes. If you have something you might want to sell, please give us a call.....

Soon here Matchless, Triumph and Heinkel [15-10-2011]

Soon here a Matchless G3 '61 in very nice condition, a Triumph 3TA '67 and a Heinkel 103 A2 for restauration. Keep an eye on the site for more info and pics.....

Bedum [04-09-2011]

Meanwhile the unit in Bedum starts looking more and more like a real motorcycle shop. It is not ready yet, but the bikes are allready there.

Bikes wanted [29-08-2011]

Because of the goos sales the last weeks, we are looking for good classic motorcycles. If you would like to sell your bike, dont hesitate to contact us, we guarantee you a correct dispatch.

Hollydays [20-08-2011]

Hollydays are over now, we combined delivery of some bikes to France with riding a classic race there. In the mid-French Puy de Notre Dame Rik rode with the Rudge in an event specialy for pre-war bikes and cars. It was a great experience, with cars and bikes that are very rarely being raced around here in Holland.Top of the bill was a race special for 3-wheel cars, some 40 tricycles like Morgans, Darmonts and Sanfords where being ridden. Together with the great French atmospher and hospitality this  gave us a fantastic weekend.

Motorcycles wanted [27-07-2011]

Because of the good sales last weeks D-Classics is looking for nice classic motorcycles for sale. If you would like to sell yours please contact us.

Bedum [05-07-2011]

Meanwhile work at the unit in Bedum commences well, the first bikes are there allready. Here a few pic's to show how it is going to be.

Movie OOG Tv [30-06-2011]

The little movie in wich a Triumph Tiger 100, from D-Classics plays one of the main roles, will be broadcasted at OOG TV from 1st of July 17.00 PM. Also take a look at at the program "Kunzt"

Soon here Triumph 3TA and T140V bonny [30-06-2011]

Soon here, a Triumph 3TA '66 this time an army model that has been converted to civil specs (lots of work done on it) And a T140V Bonny from '77 in very beautifull condtion.

T100 from 1953 as a moviestar at OOG TV [12-06-2011]

A Triumph T100 from D-Classics had, together with model Roos as her rider, one of the main roles at a movie shoot  at the regional TV station "OOG TV" For the program "Kunzt" the artwork "She's Trouble" from artist Anneke Mikkers ( ) was shot. The result will be shown at OOG TV soon. It was the first time we were present at a project like this an we really liked it..... Thanks to cameraman Paul Blom, artist Anneke Mikkers and model Roos

Soon here: AJS Model 16 '53 [08-06-2011]

Soon here; very beautiful AJS Model 16 from 1953 with Dutch registration.

Soon here AJS Model 8 350cc [11-05-2011]

Soon here AJS Model 8 from 1960, for restauation very complete and original.

Soon here Triumph 3TA and T100C Trophy [09-05-2011]

Soon her a Triumph 3TA ex armybike and a Triumph T100C trophy (American version)

Soon here; BMW R60/5 and R75/5 [09-05-2011]

Soon here; 2 BMW's in good condition; one R60/5 and one R75/5.

D-Classics at national sidecarday [09-05-2011]

D-Classics will also be present at the National Sidecar Day. It will take place at the Military Airpane Museum in Soesterberg on 15 th of May.

Bedum [21-04-2011]

Meanwhile, inbetween the normal work, there is beiing painted, carpented and constructed at the new place in Bedum. Work is progressing a little slower than expected, but ist is getting real beautiful....

Soon here; Rudge 500cc Special 1933 [06-03-2011]

Soon here; Rudge Whitworth 500cc fourvalve, model Special from 1933. Bike is complete in parts, so for restauration.

Construction new unit [15-02-2011]

Constuction of the new unit has been started again, sadly building had been stopped a while because of the low temperatures, but as planed it will be ready end of March.

Motorcycles wanted [10-02-2011]

Because of de good sales D-Classics is always looking for good Classics, if you have a classic or veteran motorcycle that you might want to sell, don't hesitate to contact us. We garantee a correct settlement!

Racing Expo [31-01-2011]

Last Saturday and Sunday, Rik and Linda rode a demo with the D-Classics sidecar at the Racing Expo in Leeuwarden. Also they tested a new, biological fuel (bio-methanol) donated by the company "GUTTS". They had a good weekend and were very ethousiast about the new fuel, the bike ran even better on it then on the normal fuel.....

Introducing to you.... [10-01-2011]

We would like to introduce you to Linda Vijfschaft, as part of a work-exerience-project, Linda will work with D-Classics. As a sidecarpassenger she is well known to the motorcycle scene, we are very happy that she will work with us the next time

Signature [04-11-2010]

Yesterday Rik signed for a new commercial unit, constuction of this will start next week already. So from spring 2011 D-Classics will be housed in a new building. At last we can show all our stock at one place! Also we will have more motorcycles on stock then. Only a little patience.....

Speedway Lelystad [03-11-2010]

The 17 th of October, at last there was some time to ride a speedway race again, together with passenger Linda Vijfschaft, Rik rode a clubrace in Lelystad. Although Rik was not too fit and it was only the third time this year they rode, they could win this race. It was a very nice day. Thanks to Speedway Lelystad for their hospitality an to Henk Morren for the nice pictures

Site also in English [30-09-2010]

From now on this site can also be viewed in English. As you can see!

D-Classics at Centennial [20-09-2010]

Last weekend D-Classics was present at the Centennial Classic TT on the TT Ciruit at Assen. Allthough the weather was not too good, we could welcome a lot of people at our stand. Famous ex-rider  Marco Lucchinelli also showed op to give a look at the bikes we took, according to his reaction he liked them!

Offcourse we took the chanche to see a lot of famous riders and machines at the pits, very impressive!!

Shortly; 2 prewar Ariel's [07-09-2010]

Will arrive shortly; 2 prewar Ariels, one Red Hunter 350cc  and one 550cc sidevalve from 1932. Keep an eye on this site!

D-Classics on Centennial TT [03-09-2010]

At the Centennial Classic TT in Assen on 18 and 19 September, the wellknown "Vehikel" organisation will host an autojumble on the infield of the circuit. D-Classics will be there! We will bring some nice classics and hope to meet a lot of people. See you there......!

Holidays [11-08-2010]

We are back from a short but wellearned holyday and looking for new classics. Shortly you will find some new bikes on the site.