About D-Classics 


D-Classics, more than 30 years experience with classic motorcycles…
D-Classics is the firm of Rik Diephuis, since his youth infected with the oldtimer-virus. After having worked for 25 years as a professional hobbyist, Rik decided in 2009 to follow his passion and start up his own firm.
Rik gathered a lot of experience collecting and working oldtimers. For more than 20 years he raced motocycles including classic roadrace, speedway and grasstrackrace. This with brands as Rudge, Triton, BSA, Weslake, Godden and GM. Maintainance, repairs and tuning he mostly used to do by himself. Often he liked this even more than racing. Today he can still be seen racing occasionally.
Through racing Rik has acquired a big international network. Partly because of this D-Classics can help you by searching for a specific motorcycle or with buying or selling a motorcycle abroad.
The aim of D-Classics is to deliver you value for money. Rik sells every condition, from restauration projects to perfectly restored, but garantees always a good price-quality ratio. He does this by purchasing selectively and by keeping the costs low. At D-Classics you won’t find dozens of motorcycles in a big glossy showroom.
Because D-Classics is not very centraly located in Holland, Rik is often on the road, so normally it is possible for him to deliver the motorcycle you bought at your home, please call for more info. Motorcycles that are sold international will be delivered at cost (prices are lower than you might expect!)
D-Classics can also help you selling your bike. There are some different opportunities for that. Please contact Rik for more information.